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Saturday, February 28, 2015

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~.~Diorama Commissions and Buyings~.~

As some people know, my husband Zach and I have began making diorama commissions for people who enjoy our style and quality that we put into our specialty room boxes. Each one is constructed of durable wood, and is designed to fit the personality of the commissioner. It has been very fun for us, and even though it takes us around two months to complete one, we are so happy when someone asks us to construct one for them because it means we are doing a good job at something we both enjoy. 
We make a good team because I talk to the person who has contacted us, set up a design and choose the items that they want their room box to include, and Zach constructs the room based on what myself and the person have decided. I then choose the items, colors, and design elements needed, and we begin the process for our lovely customer. 

Another thing that I enjoy doing is buying dioramas from other artists. I think it helps broaden our horizons, while still supporting other people who strive to build gorgeous little rooms for our dolls. As of right now, I have two dioramas in the works by the lovely and very talented Nerea Pozo, and I cannot wait for them to arrive!

Check out her page at:

Sorry for the Absence!

Oh my gosh! I had totally forgotten about my Blog! I am really hoping to be able to start this up again. I went through a few pretty hectic months, and was unable to focus on much besides life things, but now I am better off, and am hoping to get back on track again!