Blinking Cute Box Cat Arthoniel's Miniature World: April 2015

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Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Rement Sanrio Shopping Streets

This new Rement set is coming out at the end of May, and it is called "Sanrio Shopping Streets". Look at the gashapon machine! It has real toys inside, and the My Melody radio? Too cute! I already preordered this set because I am a spazz and think that everything is going to sell out if I don't order it, but I believe it is still available to preorder. 

Monday, April 27, 2015

Azone Kinoko Juice Kikipop (*_*)

I am happy to say that both of these cuties are coming home to me. One of them (the red hair) was actually due to come to me this month, but Azone has released no news of her, so I am hoping next month will be lucky. They are called Kinoko Juice Kiki dolls and they were once only available in Japan as super exclusive dolls, but now have teamed up with Azone International to produce a more affordable and readily available version. 
I literally am dying with anticipation, but I cannot rush perfection, lol. There is also a version 2 being released soon, with a more girly theme, but there is still no news on a release date. 
*EDIT* My Kikipop is officially being shipped tomorrow!! She will be here soon. Prepare for the Youtube videos!

Needle Felting Adventure (^_^)

After many months of procrastination and searching, I have finally found someone who is willing to needle felt me some of these amazing Japanese critters I have been seeing around. I have tried needle felting myself, and to be honest, I am terrible and have no patience for it. Luckily, someone on Etsy has agreed to do a monthly needle felting commission for me. I send her the photo and she creates the little guy. I am so terribly excited about it! It feels like a monthly subscription to an amazing piece of artwork! 
The first one I have asked for is the giraffe pictured above. I have asked for them to be two inches or smaller so that I can use them for my dollhouses and dioramas! I am so excited!

Sunday, April 26, 2015

The Death of Wander the Fawn (Part 1) Photo Story

Today, I have posted a photo story on my Flickr page that is full to the brim with sorrow. But it will play a huge part in what will happen in my photo stories from now on, so please check it out, read it, and enjoy. 
Today, I posted Part 1, and not weekend I will do Part 2, so please stay tuned!

Sunday, April 19, 2015

Nerea Pozo Toy Shoppe Diorama!

*CRIES FOREVER* Guys! This is my newest commission from Nerea Pozo, the Fox Toy Shoppe! She did a perfect job recreating my vision for this place. I cannot wait to receive it and share with everyone. It's going to be epic!
Photos credited to Nerea Pozo.
Check out her website here:

Koedarize Dolls for your BJD's!

Hey everyone! I recently stumbled upon these new figures called "Koedarize". They are perfect sized dolls for BJD's of all sizes from Lati Yellow and Pukifee on up. They each come with a head that can be turned around to reveal two different faces on each character, and their hair comes off so that you can switch the hairstyle of each figure. They are truly an awesome find, and I hope that you can find some for yourself!! 
I got mine from my favorite website, AmiAmi, but they are available on many other Japanese figure websites, and even Ebay!

Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Robin Betterley Miniature Willowmere House

Robin Betterley Miniatures have really stolen my heart lately. This lovely kit makes a perfect 1/144 scale dollhouse complete with furniture and secret pull out rooms. If it wasn't for the steep price tag, I'd already own this cutie. I have no idea what the kit looks like before it is finished, but I guarantee my husband could build it for me (^_^)


EDIT: I was able to attend two GIANT miniature shows in Chicago this past weekend, and Robin Betterley Miniatures were there! I bought this gorgeous house and furniture kit for a whopping $300, but once my husband and I get it put together, it's going to be AMAZING, and totally worth every penny!

Saturday, April 4, 2015

Naminé, the Eternal

Everyone, please meet Naminé, the Eternal. She is a magical creature that can only be killed by a mortal wound from either a Unicorn horn, Pheonix, or a Dragon. She is the newest member of Arthoniel's Home for the Forgotten of Song and Tale. 
You can see more pictures of Naminé here: