Blinking Cute Box Cat Arthoniel's Miniature World: June 2015

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Sunday, June 28, 2015

Latidoll Master of Dragon Order (^_^)/

For anyone that wonders, Latidoll is my favorite doll company, and last week they released a gorgeous new limited line called "Master of Dragon". I purchased a tan Hani, a green dragon, and the full winking Sunny in tan skin. I am so excited, but the wait will be about 9 months, so there's no use getting TOO excited. 

Charles Creature Cabinet Ping Pellie and Poink

On Friday, I was lucky enough to secure my preorders for both a Ping Pellie and a Poink piggy by the amazing Charles Creature Cabinet. I have to wait until November for them, but it will be so worth it. Charles has not released piggies in years, so this release is a pretty big deal.
Curious to find them for yourself? They are limited edition so you must hurry!

Mew Makes a Discovery (Part 2)

Hey everyone! Today I posted Part 2 of the story that I posted to Flickr last weekend. Go check it out if you have time today!

Saturday, June 20, 2015

Mew Makes a Discovery (Part1)

Hey everyone! I began a new story today. This is Part 1 and either tomorrow or next weekend, I will post Part 2. Thank you all!

Saturday, June 13, 2015

I Need Another Dearmine Picasso Bean!

Here soon, I hope to order this adorable new Dearmine Picasso Bean. He is a cute yellow color, and reminds me a lot of my own real cat, Chii. I may even name him Chii. Who knows! I have three Picasso Bean cats already, and a yellow skinned Dearmine Lupy on the way.

Dollzone Heavy Rain Has Arrived!

Today, I received the cutest, most depressed little guy ever. A Dollzone Big Dipper who I name Wyrm. Wyrm doesn't have a completely clear story for himself yet, but he will soon. He's even cuter in person than these photos can show :)

Miniature Studio Ghibli Books for Dolls

A long time ago, I found these adorable miniature books on Etsy, but never bought them. Eventually I forgot about them completely, but then the other day I stumbled upon them again, and this time I ordered them. I can't wait to get them! The detail looks amazing, and the set comes with all 9 of the Studio Ghibli books that you see in the picture for $15. I also got these other books because they looked really cute.
If you'd like to see them for yourself or order some, here is the link:

Rement Sailor Moon Everyday Items (^_*)

Next month, Rement will be releasing this amazing set of Sailor Moon everyday products based off of all of the main characters from the show. I am especially excited about the backpack with the bunny it it along with the other purses and bags. And there are kitties! 
I preordered mine from AmiAmi, but they are available at other online Japanese hobby shops as well, so if you're excited about it like me, go and preorder them before they are gone (^_^)/

Saturday, June 6, 2015

Naminé Enters the Home

Hey everyone! Today I posted a new story that contains a new character, NaminĂ©. Please go check it out if you have time this weekend!