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Sunday, March 8, 2015

Dearmine Doll Axolotl Beans

Do you ever just find dolls that you know are meant to be yours, even if you really don't know what character they will represent? That's how I feel about these Dearmine Axolotl's. They are so adorably unique, yet I cannot figure out what to do with one. 
There is only one guarantee...I will be getting one this month. Hopefully the one on the left in yellow resin with the pink face up. *SIGH*


  1. Did you order them yet?? O.o OMGAH! They are too adorable!!!!! X-DDDDDDD

    1. I did acTuvalu! Just last night I placed an order with Denver Doll Emporium for a 4 payment layaway. I'm so excited!!

    2. YAY! ^.^ Did you get both or just the pink one?

    3. I was only able to get the pink one, but I am so excited! I have had my eyes on these since the first day that they were announced.